Enterprise ​4G Business Everywhere

As a business owner I need to stay connected to my operations at all times.
You're are always on the move and so is your business. With 4G Business Everywhere you and your enterprise will never part ways. With this option you have the availability to stay up to date on all your operations everywhere you go.
With 3 4G rate plans, BEW offers you and your employees a unique remote solution to access your business through a safe, simple and efficient solution whether at the office or at home. You also will be able to send and receive SMS to and from mobile users anywhere. Access your itinerary while waiting to board your flight; connect to your company’s intranet easily and securely from a client’s office; send and receive emails; monitor the stock exchange while you are on the go, along with more services to help you stay connected to your business anywhere at any time.

    Why 4G BEW?

  • Access your Corporate Network from your Laptop/PC through 4G , 3G+, GPRS/EDGE on the go
  • Send and receive SMS over your Laptop/ PC
  • Control your spending with our cost control offer
  • Plug and play installation
  • High-speed broadband connectivity in all 4G areas (up to 100 Mbps) & 3G+ areas (up to 21.1 Mbps)

    Cost Control BEW:

  • Your hybrid BEW offers you bundles where you can choose from 3 different rate plans that best fit your budget, presenting a cap limit and cost control solution; as well as, local and international SMS. When exceeding the bundle consumption limit, your usage will be deducted from the main account balance of the line that is being charged through scratch cards.

    Our Offering:

  • Flexible, secure, and high speed wireless internet
  • 4G BEW offers you USB dongles when connecting to a single device, MiFi when you want to connect to multiple devices and a powerful Wi-Fi router that connects you with 3G & 4G network while using your dongle. It allows you; to share your mobile broadband connection to other users through Wi-Fi
  • Benefit from special discounts on your bundles’ monthly fees when more lines are registered to your account
  • Please refer to contact us page

    Our Terms & Conditions will apply:

  • Conditional to a one-year commitment
  • Termination fees will apply upon to customers’ requirement
  • No fees will be charged in case of upgrading from data bundle to a higher one
  • Switching fees will apply in case of downgrading from data bundle to a lower one