Enterprise ​​​Bulk SMS

I often send the same text messages to a lot of different people. I need an option that lets me send one text message to everyone.

You communicate with a lot of people at once. You find it annoying to send the same text message to 10 different people. You're now on the good side of fortune with the option to send SMS's in bulk.

Bulk SMS is a service where you are able to massively send text messages as a large number of contacts; staff or customers in one go to deliver the content of your choice in a few seconds.

You can successfully design and deliver many bulk SMS service campaigns to your clients where they are able to spread last -minute changes, urgent Information or appointment reminders, as it is also a great marketing tool to directly communicate with your contacts.

  • Simple to use and available from any computer with a connection to the internet
  • Guaranteed 100% delivery
  • Helpful tool for communicating in a crisis
  • Affordable operating costs
  • Messages transmission within 10 seconds
  • Flexible to match customer needs

    Bulk SMS benefits:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Creating an effective communication based on the SMS with their employees, customers, suppliers
  • Cost effective comparing to other means of communication
  • Guaranteed reach of the targeted segment

    Terms & Conditions will apply:

  • Bulk SMS Bundles purchased are not refundable
  • Migration to higher / lower bundles is applicable
  • Multi-Lingual SMS are applicable (Arabic/English)
  • Orange sets sender ID for any adjustments customer has to contact corporate sales team
  • Character limitation per SMS sent:
    • Arabic; 69 / SMS
    • English; 169 / SMS