Enterprise High Packages (Bundled Offer)

I want to be able to control each of my employees’ telephone and internet usage

You want to be in control of every aspect of your business. With your High Packages bundle you can better manage your monthly bills

Your Orange has designed the 4G High Packages Offer to make it beneficial for businesses who want to assign a certain budget for each employee through 6 your different cost control rate plans. The High package offer is now enabled with 4G access where you can enjoy the highest speed of 4G with Orange.

    Your high packages bundles offer the following

  • Fixed Monthly Credit
  • On-net calls (Orange Mobile)
  • Monthly SMS Bundles
  • Data Bundles

    Your Fixed Monthly credit can be used after the bundle has been consumed for:

  • Off-net minutes
  • International
  • Roaming
  • Your lines can be recharged after consuming the bundles using scratch cards.

    Contact us for more information about the offer details

  • Call your account manager.
  • Call us on 1215.​