Enterprise ​Leased Line

It's a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two locations. It doesn’t have a telephone number and each side of the line is permanently connected to the other. Leased Lines can be used for data or internet services. It provides you with local (within a governorate), national (from a governorate to another) permanent connection by domestic Leased Line and international (from Jordan to another country) permanent connection by international Leased Line, where its usage is independent of volume and duration.

    Leased Lines Offers

  • Local connection within a governorate.
  • National connection from one governorate to another.
  • International connection between Jordan and any other country.


  • Permanent connection.
  • Endures high volumes of traffic, and high bandwidth applications.
  • Provides extremely high level of availability and flexibility
  • Unlimited number of Internet users, depending on LL speed. E-mails and transferred files are stored at your server.
  • Enhanced, sophisticated, and guaranteed quality.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth to your premises
  • Unified flat rate for unlimited usage
  • Provides extremely high levels of reliability, availability, and performance

    Leased Line Customer's Advantages:

  • Permanent connections
  • Provides extremely high level of availability and flexibility
  • Carries high volumes of traffic, and high bandwidth applications.
  • For internet users Unlimited number of users, depend on LL speed. E-mails and file transfer stored at customer server.

    Internet Leased Line:

  • A direct link into our fast, reliable, un-congested network
  • High reliability and resiliency over Orange Jordan network.
  • Points of Presence (POP) across Amman which means customers can receive big cost savings
  • Full online usage monitoring and historic statistics (MRTG)
  • Different backup solutions suggested and provided by Orange Jordan.
  • National coverage using Orange Fixed's data network.

    Internet Leased line benefits

  • An 'always on' connection which can be accessed instantly
  • A connection that is suitable for heavy usage, with upstream traffic as well as downstream
  • Clear, easy budgeting with one cost and no call charges