Enterprise ​​​Managed Ethernet

Your way to optimized quality managed Serves that keep your business in harmony.

A high bandwidth Ethernet interconnection service which links Customer Site and Expand Local Network to have Metro-LAN (Local Area Network) over secure VPN (virtual Private network) technology ,with High Speed BW and Simple Hardware.

Move Beyond Your LAN with Ethernet Services

Orange Business Services manages more than 300,000 connections worldwide , so we understand what staying connected means for your business.

    Take a look at how our solutions can benefit your business:
    Increase performance :

  • Secure your traffic between your sites : As this is a L2 service, end users continue to maintain control over their IP domain and capability to prioritize your critical applications (class of service).
  • Local Access Monitoring: orange provide you with proactively monitor tool. Most troubleshooting does not even require your involvement !
  • End-to-End Optimal Service Performance: we can guarantee the overall performance of the VPN , with different Network Topology (Point-to-point , Hub &spoke ,Full-mesh).

    Save time and money :

  • Save money : Buying a router cost less today, but managing it still brings high recurring charges. outsourcing it is saves money.
  • Save time : Managing routers on a multisite environment is high time consuming. This will let you focus your energy on valuable tasks.