Enterprise VPN Over 4G

4G Backup solution for managed services to enhance current service, (improved quality and coverage). It’s Provide another Data link media to use as backup in case of disconnecting of main copper or fiber link.

    This service Provide high speed solution over Wireless signals.4G VPN standalone solution Packages covering exclusive areas for competitors & remote sites.

  • 4G as a main link
  • 4G as backup for copper or fiber Data link

The solution will be package contain the router with 4G configuration and SIM card and will be managed and operated with Orange.

standalone solution (4G is act as main link) for Data service

Service GB limitation
4GMVPN2M** Unlimited*
4GMVPN4M Unlimited
IPTV Unlimited

*Unlimited : the limited download will be 500 GB for above price.
**4GMVPN2M : 4G , Main link , VPN service , speed 2M

4G as backup link
For backup price as below:
Service GB limitation Downgrade speed
4GBVPN2M* 100 512 K
4GBVPN4M 150 512 K
4GBVPN6M 200 512 K

Down Grade speed after use of bundle (GB limitation)
*4GBVPN2M: 4G , backup link, VPN service , speed 2M