Enterprise Content filtering and managed firewall

With the unlimited Internet access, the concern about the types of information to which kids are exposed to has increased.

The new content filtering service from Orange can block access to 99% of known sites that promote objectionable content.

Content filtering service will help you protect your network from Web content that might be considered objectionable and harmful.

    We offer two levels of content filtering :

  • Global level: where we block a list of predefined categories, without the ability to bypass any blocked website. We will take care of controlling your internet access in a simple and easy way .
    * Blocked categories are over http only .
  • Customized level: If you seek a more advanced option and would like to control your internet content by yourself, you can choose the blocked categories & websites using a tool that can be accessed through this link , with a secure password to access it safely. You can choose the categories you want to block by entering your content filtering username and password .

    Managed firewall service:
    For more security features you can ask to add Managed firewall in addition to content filtering for user level , in order to protect your network from external threats :

  • Anti-spy wear
  • Anti- viruses
  • Anti- Spam
To activate or deactivate the service, please call 1215 or contact your account manager.