​Cost Control offers

You are all about efficiency and you want to control your business’ monthly bills. With your cost control offers you make sure you don’t exceed a specific limit

The Pre-Corp offers are very significant when it comes to controlling your company lines with fixed monthly bills while staying connected to your business through a large variety of different offers to covering your communication business essentials that you desire

Your Orange business mobile plans offers you the closed user group service as a basic feature, which provides you with freedom of free calls between lines under the same account with no additional fees to assure running your business smoothly

Hybrid Rate Plans

Hybrid rate plans provide you with a fixed monthly bill based on the selected offer tariffs provided by Orange, any additional usage can be done through scratch cards, refilled by the end user.

Basic pre-corp offer:

For reasonable monthly fees, the basic pre-corp offer, offers you competitive prices on other networks and even better prices on your mobile & fixed lines, where your bill will be dependent on the users' usage.

Flat fee pre-corp offer

At very competitive prices and low monthly fees, the flat fee pre-corp offer covers your business needs to all destinations, where your use will determine your monthly bill


  • Cost Control plans offer you the flexibility of choosing bundle based offer or credit based offer
  • Cost Control plans are very useful for the entry and med level employees
  • Cost Control plans allow companies to specify a certain budget for each employee through your cost control offers
  • Easier management to serve large number of employees
  • Predictable monthly bills at a competitive price

Your Business Mix top ups, allows you to customize your basic offers lines according to the usage, so you can tailor each line to fit to each user needs through competitive bundles with three different levels for each type of usage, you will be able to add top ups for:

1- National Calls
2- SMS (Local & International)
3- International Voice calls
4- Local Data

Discounts on commitments
Your Orange will reward you for your loyalty by gra​nting you additional discounts versus your longer duration of commitment.

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