Enterprise ​Fixed Line (PSTN)

For my business I need to be able to make calls locally, nationally, and internationally

You're a business owner and you need to make all kinds of phone calls for a fair price. With your Fixed Line you can call anywhere for a price that is suitable to you

The fixed line is the plain old telephony service that allows yourto perform calls on the local, national and international level, nowadays we have various offers that cater different needs, either the basic line or the line bundled with monthly free minutes, whichever suits the customers' needs best, In the packaged lines portfolio your Orange allows you to choose within a wide variety of packages, for national and international destinations

Corporate voice packages offer

Your Orange continues to launch new offers on PSTN to its corporate customers to fulfill their different business needs on voice, thus we are now offering new corporate voice packages with a new concept in the market. The corporate voice packages offer focuses on providing free minutes on local, national, & mobile. You can control your budget by choosing one of three packages that suits your needs.

Corporate International packages offer

Your Orange aspires to take PSTN a step further while serving you with add-on packages allowing you free monthly minutes on the top international destinations. This will allow the you to better communicate with your partners abroad.