I'm just starting my business and I need a service that fits my needs and provides me high quality

You're just stepping into the business world and you need a service that performs with reliability. With your ISDN service you can have a phone line and internet service that that serves you and your customers perfectly.

ISDN is the ideal communication medium providing efficient and high quality service at a reasonable price for your home or office, with optimum speed and reliability in data transmission.

ISDN connection observes international quality standards and provides you with end-to-end digital connectivity, as well as Direct Inward Dialing (DID).

ISDN acts as a platform service on which you can cascade multiple solutions such as telephone, fax, video conferencing, and data transmission through the internet.

To sum up, ISDN is a cost-effective way that will provide you the best value for your money.


  • ISDN can connect telephones, faxes and computers all to the same service number and you can add more applications and locations as your business grows
  • ISDN can lower communication costs

There are two plans for ISDN access PRI and BRI.


PRI stands for primary rate interface, it allows you to have up to 30 calls at the same time, and is by far the best solution that caters the needs of high traffic departments such as sales and customer service centers.

PRI can also be used as an effective backup to your main internet link as it can also be configured as an E1 and provides up to 2 Mbps bandwidth.


If you have a small office and want to be able to get the most of your communications, then the BRI is just what you need, it allows you to have two simultaneous calls at an affordable price.