Enterprise Orange Cloud

Manage your cloud computing services with trusted Multi-Cloud provider

Would you like to reduce your investment and operational expenses of buying hardware, software, on-site data centers, maintenance, operational tools and resources?

Would you like to offer your customers flexible and scalable services?

Do your IT teams spend their time on managing hardware services? Orange cloud removes hardware management tasks , so IT teams can focus on business goals .

Would you like to provision and expand your IT services in munities?

Would you like to reduce network latency for Applications?

Would you like to host your data and applications on a secure cloud platform?

Cloud is the possibility to decentralize your storage, host data and applications and how to access them from anywhere in the world, but with Oange Business Services we go further by accompanying your current projects and your future ones. with Orange Cloud you will not only have access through traditional cloud services but we also make sure you have the latest features and services, this will help you to improve your customer experience and open doors towards artificial intelligence and big data. Orange customers have high digital standards and we take good care of them; Our mission is to help you develop your business, providing the right technologies, professional services and high available cloud solution for successful cloud transformation. Orange is your partner to accelerate your digital transformation from traditional IT to the cloud. Our experts will help you to take your IT services into the future with a progressive and thought-through migration to the cloud.

Cloud options are available

Orange have a wide variety of computing, disaster recovery, backup and applications resources that will suit your usage pattern. We put the options in your hands, and all you need to do is choose. Orange will help you find the perfect cloud solution, tailored to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Safeguard your data

Achieving high levels of cloud application availability and performance, combined with the need for access anywhere, is a significant challenge. With orange cloud services you will be able to have dedicated and secure network connection and implement whatever security layer you need.

Master your budget according to your needs

With your flexible on-demand infrastructure, you will only use what you need at the time you want. Our cloud computing services are designed to meet your business requirements, enabling you to focus on your core activities and achieve goals.

Orange Cloud solution meets your recruitments

Service diversification and profitable growth objectives require new cloud computing services to be added, and for those IT equipment that are outdated to be removed with ease. While the ability to scale capacity on demand is essential for innovative businesses. With Orange managed cloud services you can reach the highest levels of cloud performance, expand your resources as you use and improve your operational capability. you can choose an independent data center or public, private, hybrid cloud to protect your data and to comply with local regulations.

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