Enterprise Orange Smart monitoring & CCTV

Nothing is more important than security, especially for sensitive and important areas. Therefore, Orange offers a state-of-the-art smart monitoring & CCTV services which enables you to protect these areas from any break-in attempts and to enable you to monitor and secure your business when incident occurs.

Orange smart monitoring & CCTV is an intelligent monitoring and reporting system combining security sensors, IP cameras and software allows you to track all activities within your business environment remotely and helps you to avoid any theft attempt and take right action in the right time

    What are the features?

    • Improve management efficiency and reduce physical security cost.
    • Possibility of integrating your existing security platform.
    • Monitor all your branches from one interface, anytime, anywhere.
    • Unlimited scalability by adding new cameras or increasing storage period.
    • Better understanding of your customers and grow your business with advanced video analytics.
    • Monitor and access the workplace facilities remotely.
    • Facilitate operation  management and control .
    • Avoid any theft attempt and take right action in the right time .

    For further information’s and service requests:

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