Encouraging Opportunities

Encouraging Opportunities


Orange Jordan launches, supports, and encourages young entrepreneurs to participate in local, regional and international competitions.

About Orange Ventures MEA Seed Challenge

For the first time in Jordan, one Jordanian startup will win an investment opportunity by participating in Orange Venture MEA Seeds 2020 Challenge through competing along startups that employ digital solutions in health, technical, educational, financial and agricultural fields.

What does the winner company get?

  • Up to €150,000 investment
  • A one year of marketing, technical and monitoring support provided by Orange.
  • A chance to win a 3-month of monitoring support offered by Seedstarts Company.
MEA Seed Challenge

What Does MEA Seed Challenge Offers ?

Orange Ventures


MEA Seed Challenge

What Does MEA Seed Challenge Offers ?

Our Criteria

A judging comity composed of experts in the field of entrepreneurship will select the winner according to:

For Eligibility

Digital Solutions
A startup that employ digital solutions in the field of: health, tech, education, finance, agriculture, etc.

Total investment in the company is less than €1,000,000

For Judging

The product’s actual value proposition
Expansion Capability
The team
The value of the potential partnership with Orange

Digital Entrepreneurship's Other Categories

Orange Jordan believes that entrepreneurship is the key to drive Socioeconomic and sustainable development.

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