The strongest Fiber coverage in every corner of the house Smart Wi-Fi solutions for free

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Orange Smart Wifi

Mesh Technology

Enjoy the strongest Fiber coverage and speed in every corner of your house with the new Smart Wi-Fi solutions; available for free with all the new Orange Fiber offers

Smart Wi-Fi technology will give you a premium internet experience for Online learning; working from home; online gaming; smart Tv; videos with high resolution without interruption and with the best coverage in every corner of your home.

Main Features


Smart WiFi Features

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Smart WiFi box installation guide

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If you have an Arcadyan Smart wifi box, watch installation video

Smart WiFi

Fiber installation steps

Now you will be able to connect with orange fiber from your favourite place in your home, as our specialized technical team will visit you and assure the best smart WIFI coverage through following the below steps


Study the design of your home and determine the most appropriate place to install the advanced Orange Fiber Box device with high speeds and smart Wi-Fi extender for better coverage.


Test the WIFI strength in 3 different points in the house, to ensure the best results.


Connect the main home devices to the Wi-Fi network on 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies.


Test the Fiber service by using the internet on devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network in different areas at home.


We will suggest solutions if Wi-Fi coverage is poor in locations far from the Fiber Box and smart WIFI extender (such as additional Wi-Fi extender, Ethernet cable… etc.).

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What are the factors that may affect your internet experience at home?

  • The Orange Fiber Box device is in an unsuitable location, and is far from the places of use.
  • The number of walls that exist between you and the device.
  • An increased number of users at the same time.
  • The device used (mobile, tablet, etc.) does not support 5Ghz frequencies for high speeds.
  • The Orange Fiber Box device is exposed to sources of interference (wireless phones, microwaves, other Wi-Fi networks, speakers, and audio devices… etc.).

Tips for the best internet WIFI coverage at home:

  • Use the Ethernet cable to connect computer devices, game consoles, and Smart TVs.
  • Connect your devices on the Wi-Fi network with its name ending with (5G).
  • If the Wi-Fi doesn’t cover the whole house, you can order additional Wi-Fi extender from Orange shops, our website, or the installation team, for JD 3/month for 24 months on the Fiber bill Order now.
  • Make sure your device (mobile, tablet… etc.) supports high speeds through the Wi-Fi network, by visiting, and ensuring that the device supports dual-band, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.
  • Remove the sources of interference away from the Orange fiber box.

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With Orange Smart WIFI box you can enhance the coverage of WIFI in your home, and especially in the Locations far away from the Orange fiber box. Enjoy the new advanced Wi-Fi extender, with the latest feature of “Smart Wi-Fi”, through it you will enjoy the best coverage and you will receive the strongest connection in your favorite spots at home.

Main Features

  • Full coverage while moving around the house without disconnection
  • Guaranteeing the best network
  • A clear connection away from interruption
  • The possibility of remote assistance
  • Easy installation
.00 JOD*
24 month commitment


WIFI Extender Installation
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Smart WIFI Features
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The new fiber app will control your home Wi-Fi network like “Wi Fi password, time schedule, blocking any user, all Wi-Fi information like Wi-Fi name, password, share the Wi-Fi for the guests and much more

About App

How to install

  • This app will be available for Fiber box only
  • The app available in English version

Live the experience, Download now

  • You can install the app from Google play
  • You need to enter the first 8 characters that are under beneath the fiber box, upper characters

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myfiberbox app

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