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Pro Orange Fiber offers

Orange Internet services always stand out with their high speed and quality. Orange commits to providing the best and latest services to its subscribers to guarantee an unparalleled internet experience. And as the leading Internet provider in Jordan, Orange is offering the "Pro Orange Fiber" service, through a specialized infrastructure of fiber optics which allows you to enjoy high speed internet (reaching up to 1 Gbps).

Pro Fiber 500M
Landline & Fiber with 500 Mbps speed
.90 JOD* /month
Only for 38.90 JDs per Month
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Pro Fiber 800M
Landline & Fiber with 800 Mbps speed
.90 JOD* /month
Only for 49.90 JDs per Month
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Key Benefits

You will enjoy using our service

Super High Speed Access
Symmetric upload and download speed
Secured internet connection
Unlimited download capacity

Fiber Internet FAQ

The bills will be issued at the beginning of each month and will be sent to your Orange email. You will also receive an SMS notification on your mobile.

Yes , you can get one only for 9.99 JD ( one time fee ).

Yes, a wireless router is available for free with all Fiber and ADSL packages.

Yes you can keep your fixed line number active.

If your area is covered with our Fiber network, your service will be up and running within a maximum of 10 days.